Work from Home Team Culture Workshop

Want to connect, unify and bond your remote team?

Everything you need to run remote team culture workshops today. No planning or set up required!


The # 1 Game In The World For Remote Workplace Culture

We're excited to invite you to sign up for this ECD Online 
Mini-Course For Remote Teams. This course is your complete guide and plan for running remote team culture workshops without any setup or physical resources!

Over the past six weeks, we've run dozens of Emotional Culture Deck remote workshops and Masterclasses following this approach. We've learned (and failed) a lot in a very short space of time and can now share this approach with you.

This Online Mini-Course and all the workshop tools & resources will save you hours planning and researching the most effective ways to run beautifully simple and meaningful remote team workshops.

If the Online Mini-Course isn't for you though – you can still download and use the Remote Team Workshop PDF and screen share your way through this ECD workshop with your remote teams.

How Is This Deck Going To Help You 

Build connection

Connect your remote teams more meaningfully than the usual bland team building exercises

Nudge vulnerability and openness within your people and teams

Nudge vulnerability

Increase the self-awareness and wellbeing of your people

Develop employees 


An Insanely Simple Card Game For A More Human And Empathetic Workplace 

Build empathy - Nudge vulnerability – Create connection 



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Sign up for the Online Mini Course here – only 149 USD

The 60-90 min Online Mini-Course For Remote Teams will take you through:

  • The three different ways to use the ECD remotely
  • How to run the worlds simplest, most powerful and meaningful team check-in activity
  • How to nudge your people to develop greater self-awareness and empathy with their teammates
  • How to use the ECD as a leadership team to consider the emotional aspect of change – not the usual structural change that organisations focus on traditionally.
  • How we've structured a series of remote team workshops with a recent client
  • You'll also get access to 11 resources & tools to help you run a variety of remote team culture activities.

The course is a series of 27 videos – none longer than 5 minutes – taking you through four different activities to help remote teams and your people thrive while working from home.